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A Course is a grouping of quizzes and tasks with a course description and grading information. Courses were previously called Test Banks and you may still find that term used elsewhere in the documentation.

  • Login at
  • Select your Author tab
  • Select My Groups
  • Click on title of the group for which you want to access courses
  • Select Courses

Test bank2 copy.jpg

You will only be able to edit the details of courses that you have created.

  • select the edit button for the relevant course (in the far right column) and you will be able to change:
  • the name of the bank
  • description
  • keywords: keywords allow your test to be searchable in the YP public search
  • grade grid: The grade grid allows you to designate levels or grades for students who take the tests in this particular course. NB the grades apply to all tests in the course. If you have tests which do not conform to the grade grid you have or want to enter, you will need to put them into a separate course.

Test bank edit copy.jpg

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