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A Course is a grouping of quizzes and tasks with a course description and grading information. Courses were previously called Test Banks and you may still find that term used elsewhere in the documentation.

  • Login at
  • Select your Author tab
  • Select My Groups
  • Click on title of the group for which you want to access courses
  • Select Courses

Edit course list.png

You will only be able to edit the details of courses that you have created.

  • select the edit button for the relevant course (in the far right column) and you will be able to change:
  • the name of the course
  • description (HTML, may include attachments)
  • access type: you may publish the course only after your own students have used it. The usage threshold keeps most of the junk out of the public listings.
  • subject keywords: other teachers cannot find your work unless you tag it appropriately
  • grade scheme. So far covers only GCSE and English National Curriculum grades. Set the scheme most appropriate to your target audience.

Edit course.png

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