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If the students you are wanting to add are already Yacapaca members, you may prefer to set up an access key rather than add them to the system again. An access key enables student to join any new group set up by any teacher using their existing Yacapaca login details.

Students can also change their Yacapaca logins and passwords to be the same as their school designated ones which reduces the details they need to remember. If they already have more than one Yacapaca login, they can merge them and use whichever they choose for all assignments.

  • Select the set up an Access Key here link on the Add Students screen

Blank add students copy.jpg

You will see the screen below.

Access key copy.jpg

  • Name your set
  • Type in how many days the key is valid for. This allows students a fixed time in which to sign up to your set and restricts vandalism.
  • Submit
  • An access key will be generated (please note the key in the screenshot below is a fictitious one!)

Access key2.jpg

  • You will need to give the access key that you have created to your students (please note that the key is not automatically generated to the relevant students, you will need to do this manually). Please go to access key (students) to see how your students will use the key to access your set.
  • Once your students have entered your access key, they will be a member of your set and will be able to see all work that you have assigned to that set.