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You will be given an access key by your teacher if you already have a Yacapaca login. You will need to tell any teacher who gives you an access key if you DO NOT already have a Yacapaca login and they will set you up on the system in a different way.

  • Login using your existing Yacapaca login and password
  • Select the access key link. ("If another teacher has given you an access key to join his group click here")

Access 4a copy.jpg

  • Select Submit
  • You are now a memebr of your teacher's set and his/her name will appear in the My Teacher(s) list on your Me screen.
  • You will see all the assignments that any teacher sets for you on Yacapaca on your Home page

NB: If you already have more than one Yacapaca login and you would like to merge them so that you can use just one in order to access all your assignments from all your teachers, please go to merge logins (student).