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Offline assessments (OAs) are any kind of work done outside of Yacapaca, for which you want to record the grades within Yacapaca.

Why use Offline Assessments?

  • Instant feedback (grade and your comment) to students; they don't have to wait to see you at the next lesson. A long wait for feedback is notoriously demotivating.
  • Add more data to the Gradebook, so you can see trends and averages more clearly.
  • Produce more convincing Parents' Reports.
  • Calibrate your Gradebook so it converts quiz percentages to grades more accurately for your students (this is an automatic feature of OAs).

Setting up an Offline Assessment

Setup OA.png

  • Name of Activity: you need a name you and the students will both still understand in a year's time.
  • Select Student Set: obvious
  • Grade scheme and year: In most cases this is already set and just needs confirming.
  • Subject, Syllabus, Topic: Enter these to allocate grades to the relevant topic in Analytics. It only takes a moment, and it doubles the value you get from the exercise. You must either select from all the dropdowns, or none of them.
  • Date: To see trends in the Gradebook and Parents reports, enter past assessments and be sure to date them accurately.