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The set tests screen is shown below.

  • Select the relevant category

Add tests 1.jpg

  • You will see groups of tests available to you. Select the group you want to use.

Set tests 2.jpg

  • All available tests in this group will be listed. You may preview them before you assign and you can also change the instructions that your students will see at the start of each test (Edit instructions).

Set tests 3 copy.jpg

  • On this same screen, select the group to whom you want to assign the test(s)
  • Enter the number of attempts you want each student to have
  • Check the boxes of the test(s) you want to assign
  • Click on Submit

The next screen allows you to choose which students to set the test(s) for. Uncheck the boxes against students for whom you do NOT wish to set the test(s).

Set tests 4.jpg

  • You may also, at this point, select Preload images. This ensures that all images are available as soon as the student starts the test.
  • Select Finished.

You will be taken to your List of Assignments screen which details all the tests you have assigned and allows you to control when they appear for your students (Hide/Unhide).

List of assignments copy.jpg

Please note that if you are sharing students with another teacher the name of the shared set will appear on your List of Assignments screen with a blue asterisk suffix to identify that this is a shared set.

You will also be able to filter assignments by the assigning teacher using the Assigned By drop down menu

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