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Breadcrumbs are an easy way to trace your route back to where you started (so named after the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel, where Hansel drops first white pebbles, then breadcrumbs on the ground so that he and his sister can find their way home after their father and step=mother abandon them in the wood. The birds eat the bread and, if you do not know the tale, I recommend it.)

Anyway, Yacapaca's breadcrumbs, as far as I know, do not involve any wicked witches but merely provide you with a quick and easy route back to where you started from. You will find them at the top of each screen.

Breadcrumbs2 copy.jpg

test - takes you to the list of tests in the bank

bank - takes you to the list of banks in the group

section - takes you to the quadrant where you can access questions, test banks, members or message board

group - takes you to your list of my authoring groups i.e. those of which you are a member