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Before you start to build a test, please ensure that you have a existing Course to allocate it to. The test bank houses any tests that you assemble from the questions you have written; without it you cannot build your test. The most efficient authoring process is: create/join group - create Course- create/select questions - assemble test.

Building a test: Step 1

  • Go to your Author tab
  • Select My Groups
  • Click on the title of the group from which you wish to assemble your test
  • Select Questions

Questions copy.jpg

  • Select the questions you wish to include in your test using the check boxes to the left of each each question line. (Toggle will select all the available questions).

Please note that survey question types and drag and drop question types are not compatible with each other or with any other question type when used in quizzes.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Build Quiz. You will see this next screen.

Build test.jpg

Complete the following steps:

  • Title: give your test a title;
  • Notes: add any notes you feel necessary;
  • Indicate how many questions you want to include in the test. Note, if you select a larger number than there are questions in this set some of the questions will be repeated.
  • Set how long you wish the students to have to read the question (in seconds)
  • Set how long the students will have to answer the question (in seconds)
  • Set how long the students will have to read any feedback that you have written (in seconds)
  • Show % mark: check this box if you want your students to see their mark at the end of the test.
  • Show answer sign: check this box if you want the students to see whether they were right or wrong (tick or cross). This only works if feedback has been entered.
  • Background Image: upload an image to use as background if you wish. (This should be 600 x 400 pixels)
  • Select Assemble quiz content

Step 2

This is where you may choose a Test Templates, add instructions for your students to see before they attempt the test, add your own notes etc...

Build test2 copy.jpg

  • Allocate your test to the relevant test bank from the drop down menu (new test banks are created from the Test Banks section for the relevant Author Group)
  • You may safely leave all the other defaulted field entries and simply save the test if you prefer.
  • Select save new test.

Your test now exists in the Test Bank that you have selected or created.

New created test in bank copy.jpg

  • Select the edit a test edit button to make any changes to a test
  • Select run to preview the test. To assign it you need to go to Assignments, then set tests then my test banks.
  • The grade grid link enables you to calibrate your test to, for example, National Curriculum levels or GCSE grades if you wish.
  • Del will delete your test!

If you are happy with the test, it is now ready to be set for your students.

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