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Writing business letters

A business letter should be professional in style and presentation, but it does not have to be stiff and formal.

When businesses used only typewriters, there was a proper way to lay a business letter out. Computers have allowed businesses to put a lot of variety into the layout of a letter.

Letter - wiki.jpg

Below is a good set of guidelines that are often used in business letters.

The letter should have, in the following order:

  • the sender's address (left-aligned) at the top right of the page
  • a line space
  • the date
  • a line space
  • the address of the person it has been sent to
  • a line space
  • the salutation (Dear ???)
  • a line space
  • a reference (if there is any)
  • a line space
  • the body of the letter.

(All the text lines at the left margin do not need an indent at the beginning of paragraphs.)

  • the close of the letter:

Yours faithfully - if you have not named the person (e.g. Dear Sir or Dear Madam)

Yours sincerely - if you have named the person (e.g. Dear Mrs Smith)

  • four line spaces (where you put your signature)
  • your name typed in.