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Please note that choose-n questions are not compatible with survey or drag and drop questions i.e. quizzes cannot contain choose-n and survey questions or choose-n and drag and drop questions.

A choose-n question may have more than one correct (or incorrect) response. Here is the process for creating a choose-n type question:

  • Login at
  • Select your Author tab
  • Select My Groups
  • Click on the title of the group in which you want to create a new question
  • Select Questions
  • Select new question

Choosen1 copy.jpg

  • choose select several answers (choose N)
  • type in your question

Choosen2 copy.jpg

  • type in your responses and feedback if you want it, ensuring that you check the box above each correct response. Choose-N feedback is presented randomly from any of the response options.
  • save or save and new (which presents a new question screen in choose-N type)

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