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Please note that cloze questions are not compatible with survey or drag and drop questions i.e. quizzes cannot contain cloze and survey questions or cloze and drag and drop questions.

Here is the process for creating a cloze type question:

  • Login at
  • Select your Author tab
  • Select My Groups
  • Click on the title of the group in which you want to create a new question
  • Select Questions
  • Select new question
  • Choose Question type: Type your answer (Cloze) and then click on Next

Cloze1 copy.jpg

  • Type in your base question, which will normally explain how the student is to complete the task (see below)

Cloze 2 copy.jpg

  • Type in the two parts of the sentence which will appear either side of the gap you want your students to fill (NB: if you enter text in only the first of these boxes, there will be a gap at the end of your sentence.)

Cloze3 copy.jpg

  • Decide how big you want the gap in your sentence to be by entering a number of characters in the input field size box. For optimum visual display, enter a number which is 2 greater than the number of characters in the correct answer (eg if the answer is you're, enter 8 into the input field size box).

Cloze4 copy.jpg

  • If you want to, add a hint in the Any wrong or empty answer box, to help students reach the correct answer next time.

Cloze5 copy.jpg

  • Fill in all the answers which you want to be marked as correct if students enter them, ensuring that the tick box next to the question is checked.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Yacapaca system will only recognise the EXACT answers you enter in these boxes. Students should therefore be reminded that their spelling and grammar must be correct if they are to receive a mark for their answer. This is particularly relevant as the system is case sensitive.

NB: Students typing straight into the answer box find that the first letter of their answer is sited very close to the last letter of the preceding text. For aesthetic reasons they sometimes choose to add a space or two before the text of their answer. It is therefore advisable to include correct options with one and possibly two spaces before the text when you create the question otherwise the system will not recognise the spaces and will mark the student wrong.

Cloze6 copy.jpg

  • If you want, add feedback for each of the correct answers.

Cloze7 copy.jpg

  • If you want, fill in specific answers which you want to be marked as incorrect if students enter them, ensuring that the tick box next to the question is UNCHECKED.
  • As with the correct answers above, you can add specific feedback for incorrect answers to help your students perform better next time around.

Cloze8 copy.jpg

  • Allocate a category tag for your question so you will be able to find it later

Cloze9 copy.jpg

  • save or save and new (which takes you back to a list of questions in your question bank)

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