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Page under construction!

Through the first two months of 2011 we have released a number of new features. This page overviews each of them.

[| Assignment sequence]

We reorganised the assignment page to both add new options, and to make it easier to simply accept the defaults if they meet your needs. Here are the categories:

  • Grade scheme

This applies to the student set, and once set up you don't need to change it. Quizzes can now report results in any grade scheme you use (NC levels, GCSE, etc). Tell us the current average grade of the set, and Yacapaca will then automatically track it as it changes.

  • Students in set

By default, your assignment goes to all students in the set. If you want to exclude some students, change that here. If you regularly assign to sub-groups, consider splitting the set.

  • Start date

If assigning a lot of work ahead of time, set the start date to the date of the lesson when that particular content is due to be covered. Weaker students, especially, can be intimidated by long to-do lists. Assignments don't appear in the to-do list until that date, so the list is maintained at a manageable size.

  • Due date

Due dates are now mandatory to stop students' to-do lists getting gummed up with long-forgotten assignments. The default is 7 days, but you can change it to any value you like up to 100 days. We recommend for the best completion rate to set tight deadlines (one day is ideal) but only assign one item at a time.

  • Students per team

If you already have the student set organised into teams, they will not be changed when you assign more work. If not, the default is 2-3 students per team. To change teams, move students manually or rename teams, open this popup. More details on that below under 'Teams'.

  • Prize

If you give prizes for team effort, describe the prize here, along with the completion date for your competition. Students will see this in their Teams popup. Sorry, we don't buy the prizes for you.

  • Attempts per quiz

The default is two attempts per quiz. Be careful of assigning too many attempts as this can lead to over-confidence in the students. Rehearsing one set of questions until perfect does not guarantee retention until exam time, nor does it mean that students will recognise the same issues if they are differently presented in the exam.

[| Assignments list]

The Assignments List is not new, but it has taken on a greatly enhanced role recently. It is now your main page for managing assignments.

  • Allow extra attempts

The single most-requested feature is finally here! If students have accidentally missed a quiz attempt, go to Action->Edit and you will see a list of failed attempts that you can 'forgive' to allow students to try again. Use with discretion! Students can and do quit quizzes on the last question in order to rehearse themselves through a test before taking it for 'real'. If you are trying to do a summative assessment they will take advantage of your trusting nature to completely sabotage the results.

  • Controlled assignments

Go to Action->Hide (or ->Show) to control the visibility of assignments to students. You can now quickly switch access on and off to comply with exam board requirements.

  • Progress bars

How many students have completed a given assignment? The blue progress bars will show you.

  • Progress charts whiteboard

Once you have enough data for a given student set, a little 'graph' icon will appear next to that set's assignments. Click it to open the progress chart whiteboard. See below for full details.

Team features

  • Auto-creation of equal teams

  • Teams management whiteboard
  • Team prizes
  • Motivation points for supporting your team

Student module

My School and Peer Support

A list of all the teachers in your school, with some useful data about them. This same list will appear in your co-teaching menu, if you wish to co-teach a student set. The aim of the page is to encourage a supportive community of Yaquapacistas within your school.

  • Get support from a colleague

At the top right of each page, look for a link Get support from a colleague This will open a popup in which you can ask your question, which is then emailed to the other Yacapaca users in your school. They can reply the same way. Given that you are usually in the same building, we expect that the conversation will quickly move to a face-to-face one. The popup is a way of initiating that conversation now, whilst the problem is clear in your mind.

Offline Assignments

Quick Assignments

Progress Charts

Editing features