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Page under construction!

Through the first two months of 2011 we have released a number of new features. This page overviews each of them.

Team features

  • Auto-creation of equal teams
  • Teams management whiteboard
  • Team prizes
  • Motivation points for supporting your team

Student module

My School and Peer Support

A list of all the teachers in your school, with some useful data about them. This same list will appear in your co-teaching menu, if you wish to co-teach a student set. The aim of the page is to encourage a supportive community of Yaquapacistas within your school.

  • Get support from a colleague

At the top right of each page, look for a link Get support from a colleague This will open a popup in which you can ask your question, which is then emailed to the other Yacapaca users in your school. They can reply the same way. Given that you are usually in the same building, we expect that the conversation will quickly move to a face-to-face one. The popup is a way of initiating that conversation now, whilst the problem is clear in your mind.

Offline Assignments

Quick Assignments

Progress Charts

Editing features