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The Course Markbook is largely depreciated, and is now available only for the course ICT Baselines. The course markbook collates the percentage marks from all the quizzes in one course, and converts the average of these to a grade.

Course markbook.png

The Markbook can be accessed from any assignment, but the version accessed via the More menu is more powerful, albeit harder to learn.

Click on any column to drill down to the per-question results for each quiz.

Use the Download button (top right) to export all results to a spreadsheet to conduct your own analysis.

Use the filters to select multiple student sets (e.g. a whole year cohort), look at only specific attempts or change the sort order.

A note about filtering by attempts: the attempts filter includes the option to view only the best result from a number of attempts. We recommend you do not use it. For you, it will skew the recorded grading unrealistically higher. For the students, it tends to reward luck rather than diligence.