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A course is a collection of quizzes that you might want to assign in a group or sequence. It may contain resources for students and/or teacher, and should include a short explanation of where and how the author expects it to be used.

Course page.png

Screenshot annotations

  1. Breadcrumbs show you how far you are through the assigning process.
  2. Author. The author rank shows you how popular this author is this year. Lower is better. Click on the author's photo to see their complete profile. Not all our authors wear bow ties, unfortunately.
  3. Course metrics. Popularity is measured over the last 12 months. Quality is an algorithm based on multiple inputs.
  4. Resources in the course header are typically downloadable worksheets or Powerpoint decks. Not all authors include them. There may be a correlation with bow-tie wearing.
  5. Checkbox. You can check multiple quizzes within a course, and group them into a single assignment.
  6. Preview button. You can preview each quiz. If you wish, you can also assign it direct from the preview. You must be logged in as a a teacher to get a full preview.
  7. Student resources. In this example, each quiz is accompanied by a video that the students will be able to watch before attempting the quiz. Some authors include worksheets or links to relevant websites the students can use for research between their first and second attempts.