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**[[TermsAndConditions|Terms of Service]]
**[[TermsAndConditions|Terms of Service]]
**[[MiscIndex|Miscellaneous index]]
**[[MiscIndex|Miscellaneous index]]
**[[0909update|Sept. 2009 Update]]
**[[2009-09-09 Update|Sept. 2009 Update]]
**[[KnownProblems|Known Problems]]
**[[KnownProblems|Known Problems]]

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General topics

Per-page guide to the teachers' module

Per-page guide to the Student Module

Login screen (http://yacapaca.com/student)

How-to videos

  • 5-minute (max) screencasts to guide you through key processes
    • Bring back the Red Biro: how to comment an essay or ePortfolio in depth.
    • Student Set Management: How many teachers can teach many students via many sets, all with just one login each.
    • The Whiteboard: A great tool for showing the class an analysis of their results in realtime.
    • Results filters: Now your students have finished a set of quizzes, how can you see exactly the marking data you need?
    • How to set your own quizzes for students: If you have just authored a quiz, how do you then make it available for students to use?
    • Question Creatr: A short tour of our new question-creation tool. Includes images, sounds and tagging, but not Glyphs. They were added after this video was made.
    • The Quiz Statistics page: To the a serious quiz author, this is the single most useful page in Yacapaca. Yet, hardly anyone knows about it.
    • Tagging across multiple pages: Advanced techniques for compiling quizzes from very large (100+) question banks.
    • Adding videos to quizzes: Create complete learning resources by embedding videos, slideshows and more into any type of assessment.
    • Fuzzy-match cloze questions: Write Cloze (aka "Type your answer") questions that are tolerant of students' poor spelling.

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