Exemplar System: Data Output

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There are several ways Mr Smith wants the data to be displayed. They are:

  • the whole CD Stock List - he wants it sorted by Title
  • the Overdue CDs list
  • all the Pop CDs list for his customers
  • all the Classical CDs list for his customers
  • all the Rock CDs list for his customers

The last four lists will be made by designing queries which search for the correct criteria. The results of the queries will be made into reports.

He also wants the Overdue CDs data made ready for merging into reminder letters to customers, and, of course, the template for the reminder letter.

I have designed the report layout for the lists, which are shown below.

The whole CD stock list


The overdue CDs list


all the Pop CDs list (the Classical and Rock lists will look the same)


The Overdue CDs data

This data must be output to a file that can be used in a mail merge. It should have the following data fields in it.

Overdue data.jpg

The mail merge letter will be like the draft that is shown below. The parts surrounded by

are the fields that will be merged into the letter.        

Mail merge letter.jpg