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This is a stub: more to come

Only student sets that have results will have gradebooks.


Actions Dropdown The main/unique actions are

Manage students: move students (or teachers) in or out of the set, or between sets.

Progress Chart: designed for whiteboard projection and intended for departmental reviews, this shows trends for each student, plus averages.

Category analysis: This page shows the relative performance of different analysis categories within the set (M/F, SEN, EAL, etc) depending on the categorisation data you have uploaded. Note that this is a relative analysis and does not correlate to specific grades. It depends on you having uploaded student metadata in the first place.

Manage teams: A whiteboard to move students between teams, and to rename teams. Always get teams to name themselves!

Student ID Cards: come in PDF and HTML versions. Use them to give students their IDs and passwords.

Parents' Reports: are printable versions of the progression chart, designed for parents' evenings.

Progression in Topics: if you have set a syllabus for the student set, this will show you how the set as a whole is attaining against each of the topics within the syllabus.

Revision Topics: allows you to check or uncheck topics to make them available for student revision.