Halloween Quiz Teacher Notes

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We've made these quizzes as flexible as possible to engage your students in whichever way you feel is most appropriate. In particular, each of the three quizzes is available with either a 5 minute question timer for those who want their students to research the questions as they go, or with a 15 second timer for students who have already done preparatory work. In both quizzes, speedy students can move on more quickly by clicking the timer bar.

Below are a few suggestions to help you get started, along with a list of web pages which students can use for research.

Students can, of course, attempt the quizzes without access to the web, but they may find the questions quite challenging.

Suggested Lesson Plans

Spend a lesson (or assign as homework) allowing your students access to the web pages listed below so they can make notes on different aspects of Halloween. Once they have done so, set them a quiz (probably with the shorter time limit) to see how much Halloween knowledge they have retained. If they score well on the easy quiz, set them the difficult and then the fiendish ones.


Ask students to get into groups of 3 or 4 and then divide the web pages below between them for research. When the quiz (probably with the shorter time limit) is set, each student should have a different area of expertise to contribute to the team. Successful teams could graduate from the easy quiz, to the difficult and then the fiendish quizzes.


Whilst they are taking each quiz (probably with the longer time limit), allow your students access to the websites below so that they can find the answers they need as they go along. To encourage efficient research, the first person to finish with 90% or more could win a prize. If they score well on the easy quiz, set them the difficult and then the fiendish ones.

Preview the assignments using the links below:

Recommended Webpages