How do I calibrate my course?

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Yacapaca always tries to convert percentage results to grades in your preferred gradescheme (e.g. GCSE, iGCSE, NC Levels, etc). It can only do this where it knows the difficulty level of the material being presented.

We have a simple, clever, system for doing this. We look at the existing known attainment levels of students who are attempting the quiz or course, and compare that to the percentages those students are achieving with the new material. Once we have data from enough students, we can very accurately gauge the difficulty level of the material, and from there derive grades for specific students.

If you are seeing "Insufficient data" instead of the grade you wanted to see, this means we don't know enough about the attainment level(s) of your student cohort. The best way to provide this information is to provide Yacapaca with grading data from assignments that has been taken offline; essentially, copy across a few columns from your external (paper or spreadsheet) gradebook. Do this using our Offline Assessment feature.

Incidentally, this is only possible because Yacapaca is a global service that uniquely gathers data from thousands of schools. It is also only possible with national-level, criterion referenced gradeschemes, which is why we continue to support National Curriculum Levels even though they have been officially disapplied.