How do I embed videos into quiz introductions?

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Why stick with boring textual instructions, when you can find and use a video, slideshow or document to base your instructions on? You can embed a range of different file types into the header of Task (e.g. short-text test or ePortfolio) or into the pre-test instructions of a Quiz. To do so, find the embed code for the file you want to show. Every service we support has these, but they tuck them away in different places so expect to examine the file's web page quite carefully.

Copy the embed code to the clipboard, then open the Yacapaca page for your assessment. In the built-in word processor, click the Edit HTML button at the right hand side. You can now paste the embed code directly into the word processor. Click the Update HTML button below the HTML panel and you will see your embed. Remember they usually take a little while to load, because they have a lot of data to fetch. Then save the page. If Yacapaca rejects the embed, it will do so at this point. To report a problem, email us your complete embed code.


These are the services we currently support. If you have a favourite service you would like us to add, please let us know and we will try to add it.

  • Animoto (Fun slideshows with music. Use the Myspace settings here's how)
  • Authorstream (Converts Power Points to Flash for sharing)
  • Blip TV (video hosting, not often blocked in school)
  • Google docs (presentations, i.e. Power Points only.)
  • Google Sketchup
  • Google video (like YouTube, but videos can be much longer and larger. Less-often blocked)
  • Qik (live video streams)
  • Quizlet (Flashcards. Only the Scatter game is embeddable)
  • SchoolTube (More reliable alternative to TeacherTube. Be sure to use the new iframe embed code, not the old Object embed codes, which are incompatible with MSIE 8.0)
  • Screencast (for Jing screencasts)
  • Scribd (Embed whole documents)
  • Slide (easy-to-make slideshows)
  • TeacherTube (Like YouTube but with more educational content)
  • Voicethread (slides with group commenting)
  • Zeemaps (maps with your own data added)
  • Zoho (complete online Office suite)

_* Currently unavailable. When one of these services changes its embed format, our security software blocks it until we have verified that the new format will not provide a route for hackers to attack users' computers. If you hit a problem with any service on this list, please let us know as they may have changed their format without telling us.

  • Myspace TV (yet more hosted video)
  • Slideshare (slides and documents in lots of formats - even spreadsheets). Not currently compatible with MSIE 8.0

On the list to add:

| width="20%"| Poll: to help us improve Yacapaca, please tell us which services are available in your school. Tick all that apply.
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