How do I get started in Authoring?

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Author privileges are not automatic. Generally, before you apply, please make sure that

  • you have completed your account profile, including your portrait photograph.
  • you have experience of using Yacapaca with existing materials.
  • you have been confirmed by colleagues as being a member of a recognised educational institution.

Basic authoring concepts

  • Questions are the fundamental unit of Yacapaca. There are 288,000 questions in the Yacapaca question bank (as of Jan 2014) so the questions you need probably already exist. Any questions you write automatically become a part of this bank.
  • Quizzes are compiled collections of questions. Questions are always presented in random order within quizzes. A question may be used in many different quizzes.
  • Topics are subsets of syllabi, generally defined by an exam board. Quizzes are automatically matched to topics by Yacapaca. Additionally, you may compile a quiz from within a topic to link them manually.
  • Courses are collections of quizzes compiled by an author. Courses may also contain teachers' notes, downloadable worksheets or other resources. They must always contain at least brief notes explaining their function. A quiz may belong to many different courses.