How do I make sure each student only has one login

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If your students already have multiple Yacapaca accounts

Don't panic. You can direct the students themselves to sort this out. On each student's to do list a button links to a popup where multiple IDs can be merged.

Id merge 1.png

This leads to a very simple popup where a second login and ID can be added. Even if the student has acquired several different IDs from different teachers, they can all be merged together using this simple system.

Id merge 2.png

If doing this with a whole class, remember to print out ID Cards for both of the student sets of which they are members. It is unlikely that students will have kept a record of both logins.

If you want to put students into an additional student set

Whether with a different teacher or not, you can do this from their current Student Set page. This screencast will show you how.

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