How to Use Email

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Using email is very easy, as long as you stick to text only in the body of the message.

If you want to send other files, they need to be attached to the email.

Some people send emails that are like web pages, but these take a long time to prepare, so tend to be used only for email advertising.

There are two basic types of email service:

  • POP3 email
  • Online email.

The POP3 service allows you to use email receiving software on your computer. It downloads all incoming emails onto the computer, so that they can be read and stored there. This means that you can read emails and write emails while you are off-line, at your leisure.

The Online email service keeps all your emails online, usually stored on an internet email provider's mail server computer. The advantage of this type of service is that you can get at your emails from any location. You do not need to use your own computer.

Both types of email service are used in the same way, so this guide will show you how to use POP3 email with Microsoft Outlook Express, which you will find on any modern Windows computer.