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The Internet itself is not user-friendly or easy to navigate.

Since its development, much more user-friendly software has been added to the framework of the Internet. This user-friendly part is known as the World Wide Web.

The Web can be viewed on your own computer, by using a piece of software called a Web Browser.

The most commonly used (PC) browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Internet explorer.gif

Internet Explorer has a number of buttons on its toolbar, which are usually the only things you need to select. It is not very often that you will need to use the menu.

The Toolbar Buttons

Back forward.gif These buttons move you backwards or forwards through the Web pages that you have already viewed.

Stop.gif This button will interrupt the loading of a Web page.


Sometimes a Web page does not load properly. If this happens select the Refresh button. 

Home.gif Your home page is normally the page that loads when you start your Internet session. Select the Home button to reload that page.

Favourites.gif If you visit a website that you really like or find very useful, you may want to visit it often.

Typing in web addresses can be difficult and take time, so it is best to set up a bookmark (favourite) in your favourites list, so that you can go to the site at a click of your mouse.

To set up a favourite, select the Favorites button. The Favorites List will pop up on the left.

Internet explorer favorites.gif

If you want to add the page you are on to your favourites, select Add, then confirm that you want to make the page a favourite.

To go to a favourite site, just select its name from the list.

You can, of course, organise your favourites into groups or folders, using the Organise button.

History.gif Internet Explorer remembers which websites you have been to. It makes a list of them called a History.

Internet explorer history.gif

If you forget the address of a site that want to revisit, you may be able to find it in again by selecting History and searching for it in the list.

Mail.gif This button will load Outlook Express, so that you can get at your email.

It is said that the sum total of human knowledge and experience can be found on the Internet, if you know where to look. One of the major drawbacks, however, is finding things on the Internet.