Instructions to accompany Unit 3 of the Double Award GCSE in ICT: Data Entry3 OCR Coursework

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You are going to make people and ISP data entry forms and enter your data.

As you do this assignment, you should make notes and take screen shots to show each stage of your process. Annotate your screenshots to show what they are demonstrating and keep them safely as you will need to add them to your write ups to create your portfolio material.

  • Make a data entry form for both the tables. Remember, your people form should be a combination of the two tables.

Your forms should look something like the ones below

Isp form.gif

People form.gif

  • Enter your data. Make sure that you enter the ISP data before the people data.

Now write up what you have done in your ePortfolio task. Remember to annotate and keep your screen shots safely.

OCR Coursework Requirements For The Double Award In Applied ICT