Internet Code of Practice

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The Internet Code of Practice (ICOP) exists to protect all Internet users. It says you should not:

  • receive, send or display offensive messages or pictures on any computers
  • access undesirable material
  • violate copyright laws
  • use other people's passwords
  • gamble online
  • send spam

Internet-based suppliers are required to:

  • clearly identify commercial information as being of a commercial nature
  • ensure that all information and advertising material is legal, decent, and truthful
  • ensure that contracts clearly state terms and conditions (contracts fall under the law of the country where the customer resides)
  • state or imply that goods will be of satisfactory quality
  • allow a 7 day period for the customer to change their mind and get a full refund
  • not disclose your personal data without your permission
  • ensure that images, audio and video clips are compressed to keep download times and bandwidth requirements to a minimum

Many schools have their own Internet Code of Practice based on the standard one but sometimes with some variation - a common one being that students are not allowed to run an unauthorised Internet business from school.