Introduction to PagePlus

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PagePlus is one of a number of desktop publishing packages that can be used on a personal computer.

Load PagePlus and the Startup Wizard will appear. This will allow you to select from a number of different styles and sizes of paper. For normal work, you will need A4 and Tall.


Page wizard.gif

When you have chosen your paper, the main screen will appear properly.

Main screen.gif

The screen is laid out so that there are toolbars all around the working area of the page. At first, the screen looks quite complicated, but it is actually very easy to use.

The Toolbars

The left toolbar (PagePlus) is the starting point for most of the things that you will want to do in PagePlus.

The top toolbar (PagePlus)s are used mainly for formatting the publication and file functions (load, save, cut, copy and paste etc.).

The bottom toolbar (PagePlus) has a lot of zoom functions on it.

The right toolbar (PagePlus) is multi-function, but does concentrate a great deal on colouring of objects, including text.