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This page lists bugs or problems that have been reported but are either not fixed yet, or are not confirmed as fully resolved. If you experience a problem similar to these, please do report it to as will then be able to alert you once it is fixed.

Issues we are working on

This section has been depreciated in favour of the Yacapaca Facebook Page which gets faster updates when there are problems.

Reported problems that appear not to be bugs

  • Cannot select the Attempts filter in the Markbook. The attempts filter has been restricted to work only when a single assignment date has been selected, but the default value for the Assignment Date filter is 'all'. Select just the assignment date you want to analyse, and the Attempts filter will then work. We made this change because the concept of 'attempt' is ambiguous when there are multiple assignments of the same quiz.
  • Task grades have changed. Those written tasks that were set to 'grade whole task' are now graded according to the grading scheme set by the author in the Grade Grid of the Course. This will make it possible to report average grades across a whole course, but only once the grade grid has been edited.
  • Question Creatr takes a long time to load when there are a lot of images. You should only need to open Question Creatr once per authoring session. After that, use the 'New' button to start a new question. Don't click 'done' until the end of the session.

Recently-resolved problems

  • Cannot upload images to certain very large image banks. This has been fixed for the affected author groups.