L4 Scenario

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This morning the News Mail carries the story of the murder of Brenda Star. She was due to meet her new boyfriend Harry Jones last night but was found dead in her bedroom with her budgie strangled in its cage. Examine the picture below for clues. Four people are questioned by the police: Harry Jones; her old boyfriend, a bodybuilder called Jonny Sparks; Macky Flint, a burglar who had been seen in the area; and Marietta, Brenda’s maid, who hadn’t been to clean Brenda’s flat for two weeks. The four suspects made the following statements to police:

Harry: I’m devastated. Brenda and I had planned to get married at the end of the year.

Jonny: Why would I kill Brenda? I loved her more than anything, and even sent her flowers.

Macky Flint: I didn’t know who Brenda was until the police told me about her murder.

Marietta: Brenda always paid my wages on time. I had nothing against her and she seemed a nice lady.

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