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The left toolbar contains some of the most important functions in PagePlus.

Left toolbar.gif

The Pointer Tool is used to select the objects on the page. You can resize, move and highlight any of the objects. You also need to use the pointer tool for editing text.

The Rotate Tool is used to rotate any object on the page.

The Crop Tool is used to cut out the edges of pictures and photographs, where the edges are not needed in the final display.

The Text Frame and the Shaped Text Frame.

All text needs to be inside a frame when using DTP software. This allows you to fix the layout of everything on the page.

Using the Text Frame

  • Select the frame button, then drag out the frame on the page.
  • You will notice that the second toolbar at the top activates and becomes quite similar to the one in Microsoft Word.
  • You can now type, in the same way that you would in a word processor.
  • You can use the second toolbar and the insert format and tools options on the main menu at the top of the screen.
  • Remember that any text you want to change must be highlighted before you start.

Text frame.gif

Import Picture

PagePlus is not a graphics package and should not be treated as such. Any pictures or diagrams that you put into PagePlus need to have been created in drawing software or painting software.

To import a picture, select import picture and choose your picture from the window that opens.


The LogoPlus button allows you to create text effects in a similar way to Word Art in Microsoft Word. It has extra features, which will let you add pictures and graphics, so that you can create a logo-style effect.

If you keep the mouse pointer pressed on the LogoPlus button, a three-button toolbar will pop out, giving you a way of making tables and calendars.

The Straight Line tool

For straight lines, press the mouse at the start of a line. Keep it pressed and drag it out to where you want. Let the mouse button go, when you are ready to set the line.

The Freehand Line tool

Keep the mouse pressed to make freehand lines.

The Quickshapes tool

There are 32 drawing tools that you can use.

To see the other tools, press and hold the left mouse button on the quickshapes button, until a second toolbox appears showing all the tools. Select the tool you want.


Keep the mouse button pressed and drag out the shape.


When you have finished the shape, you will notice blue lines surrounding it. The lines will have some small squares on them. These squares allow you to alter the shape.