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The Assignments List is your main page for managing the Yacapaca workflow.

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The Assignments List is your main page for managing the Yacapaca workflow. Once a quiz or written task is assigned to your students, use this page to follow their responses (or lack of!), and if necessary to edit the parameters of the assignment.

  1. Add an offline assignment. By entering the grades from an assignment not taken through Yacapaca, you will add it to the assignments list, and also to the student set Progress Chart (3). Similarly, add a Quick Assignment.
  2. Filters. View the whole list, or focus on just assignments for one student set or from one teacher. Access deleted assignments if needs be.

Column headers

  1. Status. The open and shut 'eye' icons indicate whether the assignment is visible to students. Students concentrate best with no more than 6 items visible in their to-do lists.
  2. Due. You set the due date (and time) when you create an assignment. Due dates support a disciplined learning environment; once past due date, students cannot start quizzes or edit Quick Assignments.
  3. Student Set. Which set it is assigned to. The number in brackets is the number of students to whom you have actually assigned it. A * indicates a co-taught set.
  4. Assigned. The name of the quiz, Offline Assignment or Quick Assignment. Click on this to see analytics.
  5. % Complete. How many students have submitted so far. Only updated nightly, for performance reasons.
  6. Results dropdown". Actions relevant to the specific item assigned, such as detailed analytics, and the Teams whiteboard.
  7. Actions dropdown. Actions relevant to the whole assignment, such as editing start/finish dates, re-assigning and Gradebook access.