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Please note that locate questions are not compatible with survey or drag and drop questions i.e. quizzes cannot contain locate and survey questions or locate and drag and drop questions.

Here is the process for creating a locate type question:

  • Login at www.yacapaca.com/teacher
  • Select your Author tab
  • Select My Groups
  • Click on the title of the group in which you want to create a new question
  • Select Questions
  • Select new question
  • Choose Locate position (location)

Locate option copy.jpg

  • Browse for the image file you are going to use in the question or click on image library and drag the appropriate image into the adjacent box
  • Click on Next
  • Type in your question

Question copy.jpg

  • Click on the image in the question field to allocate areas for correct or incorrect answers. This will open up a new window featuring the image and a toolbar.

Mark area copy.jpg

NB the following instructions are for use with the circle demarcation tool. The procedure is very similar for the rectangle and polygon tools, (details below)

  • Click on the circle tool at the top of the screen.

Click on circle copy.jpg

  • Click on the centre of the area you want to mark as a correct answer.

Click on border copy.jpg

  • Click again at the furthest point to which you want the circle to extend.

Save or reset copy.jpg

  • If you are satisfied with the area you have marked, click on the Save icon (in the shape of a computer disk) at the top of the screen to close the window. If you want to remark the area, press the Reset button (in the shape of a brush) and begin the demarcation process again.

To use the rectangle tool, click on opposite corners of the rectangle to mark the relevant area. For more sophisticated questions, you can use the polygon tool to mark out the border of irregular areas. Click on a starting point and then click on the next point in the outline you wish to mark out. Continue this process until you have returned to your starting point, where you will be given the option to save your markings. If you wish to move a step back during the process, click on the yellow arrow icon at the top of the screen.

  • Once you have clicked the Save icon, you will be taken back to the question screen. Tick the box above the image if you want to show that this is a correct answer. If you want, add feedback for students who select this area in a quiz.

Area 1 in situ copy.jpg

  • Repeat steps 6-11 if you wish to mark more than one correct answer, or provide feedback for a specific incorrect answer.

Right wrong areas copy.jpg

  • If you want, add feedback in the Other area box, so that students receive a clue if they click outside any of the areas you have marked on the image.

Other area copy.jpg

  • Once you have done this, ensure you have tagged the question so it is easier to find later, and then save or save and new at the bottom of the page (which takes you back to a list of questions in your question bank)

Tags copy.jpg

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