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If you already have more than one Yacapaca login, and you would like to have just one, you can merge them.

NB: If you want to merge logins for students who have started or completed ePortfolio tasks, please contact The Chalkface Project first ( At the moment these tasks have to be transferred manually by us before logins are merged.

  • Login with any of your Yacapaca logins
  • Select the merge link ("If you have another login to Yacapaca and want to merge both logins into single one click here")
  • The login you used to sign in with will appear under Your current login
  • Type your other login (or one of your other logins if you have more) into the Another login box
  • Type the password that goes with this login into the Password for another login box
  • Choose whether you want to keep the login you used to sign in with (keep current login and delete another) or the one you have entered into the Another login box (keep another login and delete current).
  • Select Merge logins
  • You will then only be able to login using the one set of details that you chose to keep. You will see all your assignments from all your teachers under this login.

NB: If you have more logins to merge, use the one that you have kept from the first merge and repeat the process above.

Merge login.jpg