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[[Image:Student sets.png]]
[[Image:Student sets.png]]
At  this page you can see a list of your student sets and access keys. You can '''reset '''  existing access keys to deactivate the old ones or create new access keys for student sets without access keys.
'''Access keys''' allow students to join a given student set, whether or not they are already registered Yacapaca members.
You can either send it to their emails or write down on the whiteboard.
== Create a new Student set ==
The Create New button at the bottom of the list will open a popup. Name the set, and enter the students' names in a simple list. If you have these in a spreadsheet already, simply copy and paste from that. Be sure to indicate which way round the names are - Forename or Surname first.
If you do not yet know the names of the students you will have, create a Casual set. Any student with the access key (generated by the system when you create the set) can then join.
== How to manage a student set ==
[http://www.screencast.com/t/DVyN0TlY Brief video instructions for student set management.]
When you click on '''name''' of the student you are redirected to the page with student's info (login/student set/assignments/last login date, etc.)
You can easily manage students within a student set: add new student, copy, move, remove and edit students.
'''Download''' button gives you an option to download and save .scv file with students' login info.
''' Student ID cards''' is a handy alternative to get and share students' login information. Just click it to see pop-up window with this information and click 'Ctrl+P'(for Windows users) or 'Command+P' for Mac users.
NB: When you move a student you will remain at the same student set you've been before copying a student to another set.
NNB: If you remove students from this set, any work they have in the set will be deleted. Note that you can copy students to new sets instead. This will keep all their work intact.

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In Yacapaca, a student 'set' may be any group of students (with at least one teacher) that you choose to define. It may be a class, a group within a class, or a whole year cohort. You can place each student into as many sets as you like, all from the same login.

Brief video instructions for student set management. The interface has changed slightly since this screencast was made. Please make allowances.

The student set list

Student sets.png