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In Yacapaca, a student 'set' may be any group of students (with at least one teacher) that you choose to define. It may be a class, a group within a class, or a whole year cohort. You can place each student into as many sets as you like, all from the same login.

Brief video instructions for student set management. The interface has changed slightly since this screencast was made. Please make allowances.

The student set list

Student sets.png

Description of each column in the list

  • Student Set. The name of the set. Click on this to access the set edit page.
  • Students. A count of how many students there are in the set.
  • Teams. How many teams the set is currently divided into.
  • Teachers. A list of the teachers who are members of the set. Invite or remove teachers via the edit page.
  • Grade scheme. Quiz percentages are converted into your preferred grades in the Gradebook and Markbook. Note that to get a reliable grading, you must run multiple quizzes and not rely on the results from a single quiz.
  • Chart. When Yacapaca has enough data, you can access a whole-screen interactive progress chart.
  • Type. To create a Formal set, enter the student data yourself - typically it is pasted in from a spreadsheet, or copied from an existing set. Formal sets are preferred when you have the data. Casual sets were created for situations such as distance learning, where you may not know in advance who your students are going to be. Students sign themselves up. The drawback is that if you download student results, you will find it hard to match them to any existing records you have because students will have entered their names differently.
  • Access Key. This is the key that enables access to a casual set. Click on the key to access a complete URL. This can be emailed to students and Yacapaca will take them through the signup process.
  • Action. See below for the action dropdown.

Actions dropdown


  • Edit student set. Opens the Edit page.
  • Copy student set. This creates a new copy of the team with the same teachers and students, for you to modify to a new purpose. For example, you might have the exact same group of students taught by different teachers for Geography and History. By copying one set, you need only change the name and teacher. Very quick.
  • Grade book. See Grade Book
  • Manage teams. Move individual students between teams, and give teams names. The Teams page will show you the relative strengths of each team (once it has some grading data about each student) so you can keep teams balanced.
  • Reset access key. This invalidates the old access key and creates a new one.
  • Student ID cards. A printable page listing the ID and password of each student in the set. Cut them up and hand them out for easy system access. Remind students not to share them or to leave them on desks when finished.
  • Delete set. Deleting a set does not delete the student records, because they may be members of another set, or need access to revision materials. Student records themselves are removed after a set period of inaction if they are no longer members of any sets.