My login and/or password doesn't work

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The login link in the email you sent me doesn't work
Part of the link may have wrapped onto the next line. Copy and paste the whole link into a browser window.
My login details have not arrived at my hotmail address
If you are contacting us from a Hotmail account, please note that Hotmail is proving unreliable at receiving Yacapaca emails. We are working to resolve this, but meanwhile we recommend you try a different email provider.
I can't login at is the student login page. Teachers can login at or by using the Yacapaca tab on the home page.
I received an email with a hyperlink but when i opened it i got the message "Your request has been processed. Status invalid"
Registration links are valid only once. When you first click on the link, Yacapaca generates a new login and an email containing your details which is sent to you.

If you do not appear to have received an email with your login and password, (please check your junk folder) you can retrieve the password that has been generated for you by clicking on the Forgotten your password? link on the login screen. You will be asked to enter your email address and your password will be emailed to you.