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New Assignment page is the place where you can search, explore and assign quizzes and tasks to your students.

Assign new.jpg

  1. Breadcrumbs. They help you understand where in the process of assignment you are at the moment. And you can step back anytime by clicking the appropriate stage.
  2. You can choose the content language.
  3. Search box allows you to find resources by keywords.
  4. Subjects. Each category contains a number of courses (figure in brackets indicates how many courses this subject contain).

Assign 2.jpg On the course page you can see how many quizzes and tasks the course contain and it's popularity.

Inside the course page you have several possibilities:

Assign 4.jpg

  1. Rating.
  2. Course description
  3. Course popularity (number of assignments by users)
  4. Reviews - you can read colleagues' reviews, top reviews or add your own.
  5. Checkbox
  6. Preview of the quiz/task.
  7. You can edit pre-test instructions. It will appear next to assignment at Home page of your student.

Assign 6.jpg

  1. Assigned quizzes/tasks
  2. Student set name drop-down menu
  3. Number of attempts for each quiz.
  4. Checkboxes (you can deselect students so that they won't get these assignments)
  5. Save

Recently added

  • Set teams
  • Set the due date. Assignments are locked after the date you set, and students can no longer take them.

Assign 7.jpg At this last page of New Assignment procedure you can see:

Student set name, assessment link goes to Markbook results page for this quiz/task, number of attempts for the quiz, Permalink ( which is very convenient for pasting into Moodle or other VLE systems).