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  • Select new question

New question 1st screen copy.jpg

Please note that survey and drag and drop question types are not compatible with each other or with any of the other question types when used in quizzes. Choose-1, Choose-n, Cloze and Location types are compatible. If you find that at step 2 of quiz assembly, no template appears in the drop down, please go back to your questions and check that those you have chosen for your quiz are of compatible types.

This is the screen for multiple choice (one correct answer)

NB: Clicking on "section" (above the image library link) takes you back to group quadrant (from which you can access questions, tests, members, message board) and group takes you back to your list of my authoring groups.

New question.jpg

  • Upload any images (as .zip files) that you will want to use in your questions using your image library link.

Image Library allows you to upload a .zip file of images for use with your questions and/or as background images for your quizzes. You can do this at any time so do not worry if you have not decided on images at this point. See Managing Your Images for the correct sizes and formats to use. (Click on Author to get back to your question list from your image library)

  • Select Categories (edit). You will see this screen.

Categories edit copy.jpg

Categories are the way that Yacapaca divides up the questions in the question bank. You should therefore give the categories the same headings as you will use for the tests. Don?t worry too much as you can edit the list at any time.

  • Make sure that each separate category is typed on a new line and select Save (this takes you back to your question screen).

New question.jpg


  • Check the boxes of the appropriate categories for your question and type the question into the question box.
  • Type in your optional responses and check the bullet point (check boxes for choose N template) for the correct answer.
  • It is possible to add feedback that the student will see after they have selected an answer. Add feedback if required.*

To use an image in a question, there are two methods:

  • Drag the image from the image list to the image field in the question. This does not work in all browsers.
  • Right-click on the image and select "copy image location" from the dropdown. This puts the entire filepath of the image into your clipboard, and you can now paste this into the image field.
  • Save
  • Your question will show in your question list

Questions copy.jpg

Please note that the question revision history will be empty (*Revision history is empty) until the question is edited for the first time. You will then be able to view any previous versions and re-save any previous version as the current one if you want.

  • Select the edit button against any question to make changes to the question, responses or feedback. (See Edit a Question)
  • To add further questions, select new question
  • Once you have a question in your bank, you may build a test.
  • Please note that when using a Checkbox template (more than one correct or incorrect response), formative feedback is only generated for incorrect responses and is taken randomly from any one of the feedbacks entered against an incorrect response. Please make sure, therefore, that feedback written for Checkbox incorrect responses is generic i.e. provides formative instruction that fits with any of the incorrect responses. No feedback is generated for correct responses in Checkbox template.

Please note, also, that you have the option, at test assembly stage, of enabling ticks and crosses to show for each correct/incorrect response. It is not necessary, therefore, to type Yes, No, Correct, Wrong etc... as part of the feedback unless for any reason you prefer this option to the ticks and crosses.

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