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Yacapaca is a formative assessment tool you can use for testing, homework or revision. Yacapaca only delivers formative assessment; it's a professional's tool, not a Swiss Army knife.

  • By the numbers (as of 1/9/2019)
    • 22,395 quizzes
    • 194,912 questions
    • 6 question types, each with numerous subtypes
    • 117,847 teachers with accounts
    • of whom 2,572 quiz authors
  • Supported assessment types
    • Multiple choice test
    • Multiple choice homework
    • Multiple choice revision
    • Short-text questions, automarked
    • Plain text entry, teacher marked
    • File upload, teacher marked
    • Structured Peer Assessment (paired comparison)
    • Offline grades
  • Analytics
    • Gradebook
    • Course markbook
    • Per-quiz, per-question detail view
    • Per quiz key concepts
    • Flightlines
    • Progress through a syllabus, per student set
  • Algorithms that support individualised learning
    • Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve revision schedule
    • Presentation speed matched to student's 'flow state'
    • Question matching to student attainment level