Querying a database (Access '97)

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One of the main advantages a computer database gives over a manual, paper-based system, is the ability to interrogate the data easily and quickly.

The interrogation or search process is known as a ‘query’.

Doing a simple query

Select the Queries tab in the Database window, then click New.

Query start.gif

Select Design View in the New Query window that opens.


At this point, the table window and the query window will open. Choose the table, or tables, that you want to be part of the query.

Query add table.gif

Close the table window, then select the fields that you want to display in the query. This is done by dragging and dropping each field into a separate column.

Query actual.gif

Now type in the word or number that you want to search for. Make sure that this is typed in on the criteria row in the correct field column. Look at the example above.

The best way to display the results of a query is to create a report for the query.

Query report.gif