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To access existing questions and create new ones:

  • click on the Questions link. You will be taken to the bank of questions for that author group.

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If you are the moderator you will be able to delete questions. Other members of the group do not have the facility to delete questions.

If you simply want to build a test from the existing questions, go to Building Your Test

If you want to edit a question, go to Edit a Question

At the top left of the question bank screen, above the list of questions, you will see the following links:

  • print: This gives you an HTML page that lists all questions in the author group with thumbnail images where applicable. The correct response(s) are also identified.
  • filter on: This displays the tags (categories) associated with the questions and allows you to select questions by tag.

NB: If you want to get back to the quadrant, select section If you want to get back to your 'my authoring groups" select group

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