Quizzes get stuck whilst loading

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Quizzes can get stuck whilst loading for a lot of different reasons. Most of them can be summed up in two words: Internet Explorer. Switch to Firefox or any other modern browser, and your problems will most likely go away. Assuming that is politically impossible, work your way down this list of possibilities and you will most likely be able to resolve the problem.

  • the Group Policy is blocking some Yacapaca functions on student computers. This can result in all kinds of weird, intermittent behaviour. If you use Microsoft products on your network, do these first:
    • Add yacapaca.com to the Allowed List for cookies.
    • Add https://yacapaca.com to the Trusted Sites list. Note no 'www.' here.
  • the school's proxy server or filter is blocking images or (particularly) sound files such as MP3s. If this is the case, you will still be able to load quizzes containing only text.
  • same as above, but the ISP's filter. We have never seen this with commercial ISPs, only Local Authorities, Grids for Learning, Broadband Consortia, etc.
  • Flash needs re-installing on the problem machine. Flash can be a bit fragile, and sometimes simply reinstalling solves the problem. Typically affects individual computers, not a whole room-full.
  • the school's network has stalled or is temporarily overloaded. This should only affect you very briefly. If you are stuck in front of a 'loading' icon for over a minute, it is definitely not this.
  • if one particular quiz refuses to load even on your home computer, but all others load with ease, there may be corruption in the quiz file. Unless you are the author, report it to us.