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In Yacapaca, you first select the quiz(zes) you wish to assign, then choose the students and determine the start and finish dates, and other parameters.

The content hierarchy

By default, you will only see content written for your own country. This is then organised by subject and syllabus.

Within each syllabus you will find:

  • Courses, which are groups of quizzes around a theme, compiled by other teachers.
  • Topics, which are sourced from official syllabus documentation. Quizzes are assigned algorithmically to topics.

Any given quiz may appear in multiple topics or courses, according to its relevance.

Content hierarchy.png

Country Selector

Country selector.png

Choose as many countries as you like. Those that share your language often contain material you will find useful. TEFL material tends to be scattered across all countries.

Subject and Syllabuses


Click on a subject to open the list of syllabuses. This is best supported for the UK curriculum.

For each syllabus, the buttons on the right will lead you either into the topics list (where we have one) or the courses list.