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Tasks 1.jpg In Tasks part of the Markbook you will find the following filters:

  • filter by Task name (1)
  • filter by Student set (2)
  • filter by Assignment date (3)
  • filter by date of Changes (4)
  • or you can sort the students works by name/surname (5)

Each task is divided by cards (pages) at this page. Legend of the work status is very simple:

  • blue cell shows finished task
  • navy one shows task in progress
  • paper clip indicates attachments
  • bulb indicates that there are teacher's comments on this card

You can also see the status of the task: live, locked (teacher prohibits further changes in the task).

To lock or unlock the task you should select it and choose lock/unlock from the drop-down menu (6).

When you click at any of the task cards you will see the student's work.

Tasks 2.jpg Here you can make your instructions visible (1), preview or export the task to zip file (2), choose the display mode as all cards or in tabs (3), view attachments by clicking on them (4), add comments (5) and save your changes.

Preview option shows you the task in the final student's view with the skin selected and ready to be exported to zip file.

Tasks 3.jpg