Teachers' Notes: Brenda's Murder

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Brenda's Murder is designed to introduce students to the idea of using sources as evidence. It is the forerunner of a series of historical scenariae covering the requirements for source evaluation in History at KS3.

The resource comprises 4 stages which should be completed in the following order:

  • A scenario, or synopsis of the story, differentiated by NC level
  • Whodunnit?: Students answer the question Who do you think murdered Brenda?, having simpy read the scenario i.e. largely guesswork. The question at this point has no right or wrong answer and it is intended that the data collected be used by the teacher after completion of the resource.
  • 3 multiple choice exercises:*Identifying sources*Analysing sources*Combining and evaluating sources
  • The Killer: Students once again answer the question Who do you think murdered Brenda?, this time having evaluated all the evidence. Response options are marked right or wrong and feedback is given. This enables comparison between, and discussion around, the initial guessed response and the final evaluated response.

Use the links below to view the three scenariae:

Preview the assignments using the links below: