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This simple-looking page actually packs some extremely useful features, especially if Yacapaca is being used across the school. The list is organised by degree of experience, with the most 'senior' Yaquapacistas first. The data gives you a quick overview of the the amount and style of their involvement. But there's more...

Teacher list.png

  1. Click on the photo to see this teacher's complete profile as an author and reviewer.
  2. Click on the student set count to see a complete list of this teachers' sets. From here you can:
    • request to join the set as a co-teacher
    • request a copy of the set with only you as a teacher, preserving students' accounts
  3. Does this teacher still teach here? If you are an authorised member of the school, you can remove them with this button. This a prudent data-protection measure, so please use it.
  4. Invite new teachers to join the school. Because they are invited by an authorised member of the school (you) they will automatically get higher-level privileges than if they had signed up without an invite.