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Terms of Service for the use of Yacapaca

Yacapaca is first and foremost a community that operates on principles of mutual respect. Therefore we expect you to respect the spirit of this document as well as the letter. And if you don't, we will chuck you off the site. It's that simple.

Who Yacapaca is for

Yacapaca's purpose is to help educators to teach and assess their pupils. 'Educators' includes teachers, tutors and home-schoolers. We do not permit pupils to set up teacher accounts.

General rules about the site

  1. We accept no liability for hardware, software or service failure on your computers or any part of the internet between them and our servers.
  2. Our liability for failure on our own servers is limited to the proportion of your subscription lost due to downtime.
  3. We reserve the right to terminate your account at any time, for any reason. We will return any outstanding subscription fees if we do so.
  4. We will monitor your account both to ensure compliance with these conditions and to collect statistical data to help us improve the system.
  5. We will not share your marking data with anyone, other than as anonymised and aggregated data, without your explicit permission.
  6. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Rules about authoring content on the site

  1. You may not upload to the site anything (text, images or otherwise) rude, abusive, racist, sexist or otherwise legally or morally unacceptable.
  2. You accept full responsibility for the information you put on Yacapaca. In particular you take sole responsibility for ensuring that your assessment questions, including any images, sounds or videos, do not breach anybody's copyright.
  3. Content authored by you, and placed on our system, is released under the Creative Commons Non-commercial Attribution Share-alike 3.0 License.

Rules specific to teachers' accounts

  1. You will operate under your real name, and the name of your school or educational institution. In particularly sensitive cases (e.g. prison educators), you may request a specific waiver of this rule.
  2. Each teacher who uses the site must have their own account, and only one account.
  3. If you choose to upload a photo of yourself (which we encourage), it will a real photo of you, that clearly shows your face.
  4. You will engage mindfully with other members. Your comments in message boards, reviews and elsewhere will be both courteous and relevant to the topic at hand.