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We B Toys Ltd is a fictitious internet-based company that sells toys in the United Kingdom using an online method of shopping. It has been created to accompany the Creating and Describing Documents section of the GCSE Double Award in Applied Business.

The postal address of We B Toys Ltd is:

We B Toys Ltd.Unit 26, Wolgarston Business ParkWolgarston WayPenkridgeStaffordStaffs.ST19 5RX

The web address of We B Toys Ltd is:


The telephone number of We B Toys Ltd is:

09876 355500

The fax number of We B Toys Ltd is:

09876 355534

At the moment We B Toys Ltd sell the following toy and games products.

  • Bionicle Takutanuva special edition
  • Designer Spotlight Barbie by Katia Jimenez
  • Diva collection: Red Hot Barbie
  • Electronic radio control Beyblade Dragoon V
  • Gazillion bubble machine
  • Geomag 86piece, 42 piece and 20 piece Sets
  • Hornby Flying Scotsman 2003 train set
  • Little Tikes double easel
  • Monopoly
  • The Simpsons Cluedo

We B Toys Ltd have just obtained a new item of stock. It is:


  • The Wet Set Intex Easy Set 15ft Pool:

When you need more information about these items of stock, they can be easily found on the Internet in UK toy stores.

Market Research Survey

Last week Miss Richmond, the marketing manager, commissioned a market research survey to find out how effective the company’s advertising has been.

Two thousand questionnaires were sent to a random sample of Internet users’ email addresses. These email addresses were obtained from a data collection company that specialises in gathering data for market research. 1000 of the questionnaires were returned complete.

The questionnaire contained the following questions.

Do you buy goods from the Internet?

U2 m5 webtoystable1.jpg

If you want to buy toys what is the most important type you might buy?

U2 m5 webtoystable2.jpg

Who do you buy toys for?

U2 m5 webtoystable3.jpg

What age range do you mainly buy for?

U2m5 webtoystable 4b.jpg

Have you ever bought a toy from We B Toys Ltd?

U2 m5webtoystable 5b.jpg