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We release frequent updates and screencasts that focus on particular areas of interest. Here are some of the most popular of those. None are more than 5 minutes long.

  • The Whiteboard: a great tool for showing the class an analysis of their results in realtime.
  • Results filters: now your students have finished a set of quizzes, how can you see exactly the marking data you need?
  • Question Creatr: a short tour of our new question-creation tool. Includes images, sounds and tagging, but not Glyphs. They were added after this video was made.
  • The Quiz Statistics page: to the a serious quiz author, this is the single most useful page in Yacapaca. Yet, hardly anyone knows about it.
  • Adding videos to quizzes: create complete learning resources by embedding videos, slideshows and more into any type of assessment.